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Original painting studies 


 Wearable art   




University of Louisville                                                            May, 2020

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Arts in Art, Minor in Spanish



My paintings are primarily large-scale, representational pieces that focus on figures of women and queer people. Through captivating figures and intricate backgrounds, my paintings tell a snapshot of a storyline. These stories are meant to boldly and beautifully reflect contemporary issues, including gender expression, climate change and the fragility of Western socio-political structures. Though superficially beautiful, the content of my painting plays with discomfort, putting them on the edge of visual pleasure. 


My dual studies in the Arts and Political Science heavily informs my practice and how I develop my ideas. Like most artists, much of my work roots back to an autobiographical understanding of the world: women, feminism, queerness and isolation. But my interest and education surrounding our deeper political context takes my work beyond that. My paintings aim to capture broad, complex themes that reverberate throughout our lives, bringing them “back down to earth” to individual level. 

A major theme that resonates throughout my work is the expression of femininity. I am particularly interested in challenging the traditional portrayal of women in oil paintings, which is historically one of delicacy and domesticity. Beyond this, my work explores the different manifestations of femininity and masculinity in the modern era, and how such expressions mark a sharp turn from prior conceptions of gender and sexuality. 

I primarily work with oil paint on canvas, in addition to acrylic paint, gold leaf, fabric and other mixed media. I also create wearable art on repurposed clothing and I am an emerging muralist.

My artistic inspirations include (among others): Frida Kahlo, Kehinde Wiley, Alice Neel, Amy Sherad and Kent Monkman. 


For commission inquires or other questions:

CONTACT ME    @janetdakestudios (Instagram)


Lexington, KY

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